What happens after leap 10?

Congratulations! You have survived all the 10 leaps:) 

Our research about a baby’s mental development only explains the first 20 months of life. That doesn’t mean that mental development and leaps stops there. We leap our entire lives. For example, think about puberty, that's a big leap. We don't know when all the other leaps will start and when they will end. Just remember what you've learned from The Wonder Weeks (like the three C's will always be a sign of a leap) and adjust some things your child's age. 

So don't worry, you will know the signs! And remember, only you know your child the best!

We hope you enjoyed our app and learned about the first 10 leaps in mental development! Thank you for your trust and to allow us to empower you as a parent. We would love to support you again in the future. 

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